[Mondrian] foodmart: inconsistent measure's member type?

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Apr 6 17:24:44 EDT 2011

It sounds like a bug. Can you please log a jira case with the version &
driver info you list below.


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Subject: Re: [Mondrian] foodmart: inconsistent measure's member type?

I am accessing Mondrian from the Olap4j API.
I am using the latest combination of mondrian (3.3-SNAPSHOT, obtained from
the ivy repositories today) and Olap4j (I built it myself from the trunk of
the svn repository today).

The mondrian driver is in the mondrian distribution right?
I can't look at the code now as I am at home but I will take a look tomorrow


On 6 April 2011 22:40, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

What API are you using to access this member? olap4j or Mondrian's legacy
API? If olap4j, which driver?


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Subject: [Mondrian] foodmart: inconsistent measure's member type?

I am finding that member [Measures].[Store Sales] (which is a Measure) has
memberType MEASURE when accessed from hierarchy.getDefaultMember() while it
has type REGULAR when accessed from the list of members of the relevant

In theory the level's member list should contain exactly the same object as
hierarchy's default member right?



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