[Mondrian] Cache is not being used.

Venkatesh U venkatesh20 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 23:07:17 EDT 2010

it does not roll up from the cache, but when a NonEmptyCrossjoin is fired,
it issues group by statement to calculate the aggregates at each possible
level, so my expectation is if i issue a crossjoin cache will contain the
values for all possible dimension combinations below the attempted crossjoin
and from what I have tested, this is working fine up to 6 dimensions.

what i mean here is
CJ(a,CJ(b,c))     < CJ- Crossjoin>
for this cross join mondrian issues SQL as

sum() without group by
group by a
group by b
group by c
group by a,b
group by b,c
group by c,a
group by a,b,c

In this case I am issuing a crossjoin of  8 dimensions and the SQL queries
are fired the same way mentioned above. The problem is when I issue the same
8 dimension crossjoin query again, it does not use the cache, which works
well in case of dimensions less than 5.


On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 4:22 AM, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

>  Mondrian does not currently roll up values within the cache.
> Julian
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> Hi,
>  I am firing the below MDX query and every time it Hits the database and
> the results are not being fetched from the cache. Can somebody please help
> if  I am missing some configuration? I have a highly Sparse data with ( 10
> dimensions). How do I ensure that mondrian is using Sparse type of
> collection to save the results??
> select
> {NonEmptyCrossJoin([DOW].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([DiscountBin].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([NI].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([LocationArea].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([Service].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([Product].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([Month].[2010].[1].[FEBRUARY],
> NonEmptyCrossJoin([TOD].Members,NonEmptyCrossJoin([IO].Members,
> [ForeignNetwork].Members)))))))))} on rows,
> {[Measures].Members} on columns
> from [ServiceFactsByMonthWC]
> *Below is my mondrian.properties*
> # mondrian.properties
> mondrian.result.limit=0
> # For XML/A JSPs
> mondrian.test.connectString=Provider=mondrian;Jdbc=jdbc:oracle:thin:cimdds1/cimdds1@
> //
> ;
> #tracing
> mondrian.trace.level=2
> mondrian.native.crossjoin.enable=true
> mondrian.native.nonempty.enable=true
> mondrian.result.highCardChunkSize=30000
> mondrian.native.unsupported.alert=WARN
> *attached is the log of Execution.*
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