[Mondrian] Is Weighting factor support by Mondrian?

Diethard Steiner diethard.steiner at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 16:48:33 EST 2010

I am unsure as to how Mondrian deals with weighting factors. I tried to
google but couldn't really find anything.
My company logs the impressions data of our services. One field is filled
with a comma separated list of user interests. Basically, one impression
record can have many interest data points.
Currently, to keep data size to a minimum, my ETL process reads the log
file, inserts data into the fact table and updates the dimensional table for
the interest (SCD2). The interest dimensional table looks like this:
interest1 BOOLEAN
interest2 BOOLEAN
... about 7 more ...
weighting factor

My end users want to see the amount of impressions by interest in the
Pentaho Analyzer.
My question:

   - Does Mondrian support weighting factors? How do I implement this in the
   - Is my interest dimension in a format that Mondrian can deal with? I had
   looked a bridge tables, but it is not feasible for us, as we get millions of
   records each day and a bridge table would hence be extremely big. I can only
   work with an impression id, we don't store data about users.

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