[Mondrian] mondrian.rolap.RolapMemberBase cannot be cast tomondrian.rolap.RolapCubeMember

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Did you search jira for this issue? There are similar ones, e.g.


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We are running a mondrian server with multiple datasources configured. The
XMLA protocol is used to execute MDX queries against mondrian with a simple
HTTP client written in python. This all works really well till at some point
the mondrian server wont execute anymore and returns with the following

mondrian.rolap.RolapMemberBase cannot be cast to
mondrian.rolap.RolapCubeMember (code: 00HSBE03)

>From that point on we cannot execute the same MDX over XMLA till we clear
the mondrian cache and restart the tomcat server. While XMLA is still broken
we can however execute the MDX successfully in JPivot. Does this mean its a
XMLA problem? Another thing we noticed is that some dimensions are not
accessable anymore if we execute MDSCHEMA_HIERARCHIES. 

The WEB-INF/mondrian.properties has the default config and changing the
'mondrian.rolap.EnableRolapCubeMemberCache' to true or false doesnt change
the behaviour. 

We are working on a testcase to reproduce the problem but it seems very hard
to trigger. Any suggestions on how to debug this issue are welcome. Thanks
in advance. 

Martijn van den Broek

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