[Mondrian] Mondrian change 13915: XMLA queries now return information about the filter axis, even if it is empty

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Nov 17 15:38:42 EST 2010

Can you please review change 13915.

I know that your team added the DataOmitDefaultSlicer flag to prevent dozens
of unused dimensions coming back in the slicer each request. When was no
WHERE clause, or the WHERE clause evaluated to an empty set, there would be
no members in the slicer, and therefore no slicer axis would be returned.
This is a problem for the olap4j driver, since it needs to distinguish
between a missing WHERE clause (one tuple with zero members) and a WHERE
clause that evaluates to empty (zero tuples).
So, I have changed the mondrian XMLA server's response. It always returns a
slicer axis. In the cases above, the slicer will either have no tuples or
one tuple with no positions, so the change adds only a few bytes to each
XMLA response.
I know you are interested in running Mondrian with Excel 2007. You might
also wish to review this change.
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