[Mondrian] FORMAT_STRING property

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Nov 17 14:20:38 EST 2010

Feris wrote:
I have run the new code and test case and all oks, but when I integrate it
to BI Server for a pivot view. It has no effect, and when I modified the
mondrian.util.Format to have a console output, it behaves like this :
- with member [Measures].[Test] as '23', FORMAT_STRING = '|#|arrow="up"'
  has an output 23
- with member [Measures].[Test] as '"23"', FORMAT_STRING = '|<|arrow="up"'
  has no output

Is it something to be done with Pivot.jsp or can you suggest me which part
to look at  ? 

Look at the HTML source. Does '<' need to be escaped for HTML?
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