[Mondrian] FORMAT_STRING property

Feris Thia feris+mondrian at phi-integration.com
Sun Nov 14 09:25:38 EST 2010

Hi Everyone,

I learnt that mondrian.util.Format class not implemented any text format
yet. And I learnt that we need a return cell node and rendered it using
mdxtable.xsl to have a particular format / style.

But the rendering in mdxtable.xsl only support numerical values, for example

*with member [Measures].[Test] as '23', FORMAT_STRING =
'|<|arrow="up"'*give the immediate effect


*with member [Measures].[Test] as '"23"', FORMAT_STRING =
'|<|arrow="up"'*give no intended result

Is there any workaround on this ? Many thanks before.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Feris Thia
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PT. Putera Handal Indotama
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