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Actually just thinking about that. This should be in mondrian.properties
anyway. I'll refactor it. 

That would be great.
By the way, I want to refactor the XMLA server at some point. We'd make it
run on the olap4j API (rather than the legacy mondrian.olap API). That would
mean that the XMLA server would be generic -- it would put an XMLA service
on any olap4j data source. Decoupled from mondrian, the XMLA server could be
spun out as a separate project.
There is functionality in the XMLA server to parse datasources.xml and
expose particular (catalog.xml, JDBC connect string) combinations as
schemas. An typical olap4j driver knows its collection of schemas. It's only
mondrian's olap4j driver that has to be told. Therefore, this functionality
needs to be moved out of the XMLA server into mondrian. We would build a
mondrian olap4j driver that parses datasources.xml and exposes schemas
accordingly; the code to parse datasources.xml would be moved from the XMLA
Then of course this parameter you just added would not be a servlet
parameter, because it would be the driver that is reading datasources.xml,
and it would not necessarily be running in the context of a servlet.
Just a heads up where things are going...
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