[Mondrian] RESTful web service

Kim Goldov kgoldov at uw.edu
Tue May 11 14:09:11 EDT 2010

I'm building a RESTful Mondrian web service. The service will accept GET requests containing MDX or our legacy query format. The request will return XML, CSV, or a JSON format compatible with Google's interactive time series graphs. I'm using Spring MVC with an XSLT view so I can easily map the result to the desired output format.

I can think of two general approaches that I might take. One would be to generate XML from the Mondrian "Result" object using JAXB or an equivalent mechanism. The other would be to tap into Mondrian's XML/A capability at some level. I'm not sure what the best way is to go about either of these approaches. Is there another alternative I have not thought of?

Please respond if this isn't the correct venue for this type of question.

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