[Mondrian] Incoming... change that will require you to recompile your app if you use RolapMember

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sat Mar 20 17:06:03 EDT 2010

I am making a change on the mondrian-3.2 branch that will require you to
recompile your application if it references RolapMember explicitly. I know
that JPivot is in that category.  Applications that use olap4j as their sole
interface to mondrian will not be affected.
The change is to reduce the excessive memory used by RolapCubeMember [
http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/MONDRIAN-688 ]. Currently RolapCubeMember
extends RolapMember, which is a large class that has many fields (several of
them longish strings). After my change, RolapCubeMember will be just a
wrapper with fewer fields.
The impact is that RolapMember will change from a class to an interface.
Java doesn't like that. If compiled classes reference class RolapMember,
they will give a validation error when the JVM loads them and discovers that
RolapMember is now an interface.
The check in, if I get it to work, will come in about a week. Then it will
only affect developers who build directly from the mondrian-3.2 perforce
tree. At some point it will be released as mondrian-3.2.0, and I will repeat
this impact notice in the release notes.
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