[Mondrian] ignoreInvalidMembers property

Tomas Di Domenico tomas at didomenico.com.ar
Wed Mar 17 13:17:52 EDT 2010

Greets all.

I have some roles that have member level restrictions. Some of this 
members do not always exist, and I get an error when trying to execute 
my analysis view. I thought that the "ignoreInvalidMembers" and 
"ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery" properties would solve my problems.

To try this, I've taken a very simple schema with a role, and in this 
role I added a <MemberGrant> to a member that doesn't exist. Even when 
those properties are set to "true", I keep getting the "Member not 
found" error.

Are this options implemented? (I'm using Mondrian 3.1.6). Has anyone 
else used them before and could provide some insight as to how they work?

Thanks in advance.


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