[Mondrian] JPivot: mondrian - version. is source available?

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Jun 30 16:28:16 EDT 2010

Here's how to figure out which version of jpivot is included in a particular
mondrian release.
Mondrian gets its dependencies from an ivy (maven2) repository. See the
following line in mondrian's ivy.xml:
        <dependency org="com.tonbeller" name="jpivot" rev="1.8.0-100420"
            <artifact name="jpivot" type="war"/>
This means that mondrian is using jpivot-1.8.0-100420.war from
pentaho's maven repository. That number implies that it was built from
jpivot cvs as of 2010/04/20. As Sergio says, you should go to that cvs to
get the source code on that date.


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The latest changes made to jpivot to update the olap cliento to the latest
mondrian enhancements were committed some time ago (3 months ago or so) in
jpivot repository. So go there and get the sources.


On 30/06/2010 09:06, Ati Rosselet wrote: 

Where is the source for the jpivot included in the 3.2.13667 release of
mondrian?  In previous versions there were changes to keep up with changes
in mondrian, and the source was available for those changes. I can't,
however, find the source for the included jpivot? is it a vanilla JPivot
1.8.0 (or from cvs) or are there again changes made? Is it available so I
can compare with the current jpivot cvs and re-include my jpivot


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