[Mondrian] Seeking advice on sorting the catalog list

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Jun 22 14:28:55 EDT 2010

If PUC were using olap4j to get its catalog list, this would be a question
for the olap4j list. I'd be able to give you a 'clear up or down vote' about
whether the driver complied with the olap4j spec. But sadly I don't think it
is, and PUC is using its own ad hoc mechanism to get catalogs.
Will, can you ask one of the PUC team to answer this question.


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Subject: [Mondrian] Seeking advice on sorting the catalog list

In PUC, the "New Analysis View" dialog schema list is not sorted. When you
have several schemas is quite difficult to find the desired one.
I'm not familiarized with the mondrian source code neither with mantle
source code. 
Didn't seem to find any way of sorting the schema list through
configuration, is there any?

Assuming there isn't, I need some code modification.

There are some possibilities to do it, each one with specific implications.
Not knowing the API's, I would like some advice on where to apply the
The possibilities to sort the list that I have observed are:
1 - sort  catalogCubeHashMap in
org.pentaho.mantle.server.MantleServlet.getMondrianCatalogs (doesn't seem a
very good idea, but seems to be PUC only), or;

2 - in
ansformIntoCatalogList, sort the variable localCatalogs on
MondrianCatalog.name (seems better but don't really know the impact of doing
it here), or;

3 - is there a way to retrieve
adDataSourcesContent in an ordered way (what?) or at least in the same order
that the catalogs are in the datasource file, or;

4 - ... and now for something completely different ...

Any advice would be welcome.
Rui Gonçalves

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