[Mondrian] InfoBright and UPPER in the WHERE clause

Donovan Hide donovanhide at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 02:46:41 EDT 2010


not sure if this mailing list is the correct place for this query, but
my forum acceptance hasn't come through yet!!

I'm using InfoBright with Mondrian and have a degenerate dimensions
defined thus:

                <Dimension name="Department">
                        <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All
                                <Level name="Department" type="String"
column="Department_code" nameColumn="Department_description"
captionColumnn="Department_description" uniqueMembers="false"/>

which generates this SQL:

select `Facts`.`Department_code` as `c0`,
`Facts`.`Department_description` as `c1` from `Facts` as `Facts` where
UPPER(`Facts`.`Department_description`) = UPPER('Charity Commission')
group by `c0`, `c1` order by `Facts`.`Department_code` ASC

Is there a way to prevent the UPPER statement being added? It kills
InfoBright's performance massively.


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