[Mondrian] Mondrian and pgpool

John Carvajal jcarvajal at parquesoft.com
Fri Jul 23 08:27:19 EDT 2010

I've been working on an idea, our idea is to work with pgpool-II to improve
the performance of some data access, basically what we need is to use the
query_cache and the option to parallelize the querys. 

The idea sounds interesting to us because we may take full advantage of the
current ROLAP and management about how to access the data.

we install the pgpool and works well (there is a bug in the query_cache
already correct with the help of a post), then we test from the interface
and makes the cache without difficulty, but when I tried to work with
Mondrian query_cache simply does not work.

The theory that I have (supported some debug to pgpool) is when mondrian
send the SQL statement, it would seem that is sent in a special way, maybe
this comes in a transaction or an execute, but it makes the pgpool
identified as a different query and process it differently and do not save
the cache.

if anyone has any idea about it or can guide us to see if we can configure
the JDBC driver in some way to stop this from happening or if we need to do
some additional configuration, please let us know.




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