[Mondrian] PRD Parameters for Mondrian Query

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Mon Jul 19 18:58:30 EDT 2010

I have looked through the forums, KB and other online resources but cannot find a means to allow for a dynamic set of column members. I have a multi value parameter in PRD with the following MDX.

WITH SET [Client Location].[Clients].[SelectedClient] AS 
StrToSet(Parameter("SetofClients", String, "([Client Location].[Clients].[CLIENT1], [Client Location].[Clients].[CLIENT2], [Client Location].[Clients].[CLIENT3], [Client Location].[Clients].[CLIENT4])"))})'
select [Client Location].[Clients].[SelectedClient] ON COLUMNS,
 NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize({[Monthly Period].[2010]}), {[Measures].[Count of Employees], [Measures].[Count of Declined], [Measures].[Count No Record], [Measures].[Count Requested But No Vaccination Record], [Measures].[Count Vaccinated], [Measures].[Count Vaccinated Elsewhere], [Measures].[% Vaccinated], [Measures].[% Declined], [Measures].[% No Record]}) ON ROWS
from [Monthly Influenza Summary]

I am not sure what is going on, but I get no results. I can select "CLIENT1" or any combination without anything being displayed. The report query seems to be correct as I get the green dot in PRD, so I am not sure what is happening. Is there anyway to see what is being generated? Any ideas?

I really do not like listing set in the StrToSet function as I do not want to hardcode the clients in the hierarchy list. 

BR/Bill W. 

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