[Mondrian] DataSourceChangeListener question regarding concurrent queries

Jonathan Rand rand.jc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 16:05:43 EDT 2010

It isn't clear to me what DataSourceChangeListener.isHierarchyChanged should
return when there are multiple queries executing concurrently. Consider the
following timeline:

   1. query 1 starts and calls isHierarchyChanged(x); the return value of
   this initial call shouldn't matter, because the cache should be empty
   2. hierarchy x is modified
   3. query 2 starts and calls isHierarchyChanged(x), which returns true due
   to modification of x
   4. query 1 calls isHierarchyChanged(x) again, which returns... what?

Should the call to isHierarchyChanged(x) on line 4 above return true because
hierarchy x has changed since query 1 last called isHierarchyChanged(x), or
should it return false because hierarchy x has not changed since the most
recent call to isHierarchyChanged(x), even though that was in the context of
a different query?

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