[Mondrian] prd3.5ga mdx external parameters

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Argument 2 to the Parameter function is a hierarchy name, level name, or
STRING or NUMERIC. Not Integer.
See  <http://forums.pentaho.org/showthread.php?t=72548>


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Hi folks,  

I have a problem using prd3.5ga and mdx queries containing external

But basically the issue is about the parameters upon calculations, for

with member Measures.mitja as '(Measures.contavis)/(parameter("NAgencies",
Integer, 52)' select Measures.mitja ON COLUMNS,
{[event_time].[month].currentmember} ON ROWS from [MyCube] where
parameter('ppeer', [peer], [peer].[peer1])

I've tried a lot of syntax in order to get that 'NAgencies' to work.
I got an error as if 'Integer' was not in the cube, so I understand that
mondrian recognizes the parameters if they follow this syntax:
parameter('param_name', [dim], [dim].[default_param_value])
where 'dim' is the dimension where the parameter will be applied to.

Then, I just want to know if is it possible to do this, my current
workaround is ugly and not sustainable at all.

Thanks in advance

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