[Mondrian] RE: Excel 2007 Support

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Jan 18 13:04:57 EST 2010

> I recall you stating that there is a property/utility which 
> translates  
> from
> <[Store].[Store Name].[Store Name Type]>Small 
> Grocery</[Store].[Store  
> Name].[Store Name Type]>
> to
> < 
> _x005B_Store_x005D_ 
> ._x005B_Store_x0020_Name_x005D_._x005B_Store_x0020_Type_x005D_>Small  
> Grocery</ 
> _x005B_Store_x005D_ 
> ._x005B_Store_x0020_Name_x005D_._x005B_Store_x0020_Type_x005D_>
> Could you point me in the direction of this property/utility 
> and I'll  
> rewrite the test?

The utility is encodeElementName, as in the following lines from XmlaHandler
(to deal with output of multidimensional results in Tabular format):

        Column(String name, int type) {
            this.name = name;

            // replace invalid XML element name, like " ", with "_x0020_" in
            // column headers, otherwise will generate a badly-formatted xml
            // doc.
            this.encodedName = XmlaUtil.encodeElementName(name);
            this.xsdType = sqlToXsdType(type);

> Agreed, makes sense to add in the correct child names, I'm also very  
> interested in JSON for delivering Dashboards via GWT...but I digress.

Yeah, seems like there's an untapped demand for integrating OLAP and
JavaScript. By the way, I'll ensure that what comes out in JSON are the
un-encoded names. Obviously, we want to see

"[Store].[Store Name].[Store Type]": "Small Grocery"

Rather than

x005D_": "Small Grocery"


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