[Mondrian] RE: Excel 2007 Support

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Jan 18 05:21:01 EST 2010


Looks mostly good, but it seems a bit strange that member properties all
have the same name. They're all called 'Store' in your reference log:

                                    <Member Hierarchy="Store">
                                    <Caption>Store 2</Caption>
                                    <LName>[Store].[Store Name]</LName>
                                    <Store>Small Grocery</Store>
                                    <Store>5203 Catanzaro Way</Store>

Please clarify this point and I can check in.

I agree that we should only return slicer members that are explicitly
mentioned in the WHERE clause. As you know previous behavior was to return
all members, including implicit members, ContentType=Data but not if

I've changed the default behavior to include only explicit members. This is
the behavior for ContentType=Data, SchemaData, or DataOmitDefaultSlicer. In
fact Data and DataOmitDefaultSlicer now have identical behavior. I've added
a new ContentType value, ContentType=DataIncludeDefaultSlicer, if people
want the current behavior, that is, to return all members even implicit


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> Hi Julian
> I have added a new test to xmlaExcelTest2000.java, called 
> testExpect07  
> which checks
>   a) Member Properties are in the correct format for Excel 2007
>   b) The SlicerAxis is in the correct format for Excel 2007
> The following attached files must be updated to support this test:

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