[Mondrian] Mondrian release schedule (3.1.5, 3.2, and 4.0)

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Jan 12 18:34:13 EST 2010


Matt Campbell  wrote:
I'm definitely in favor of moving forward with a 3.2 branch.  Our own
release schedule will have us code complete around 3Q, and I've been a
little anxious about stability leading up to that point. 

Good. I will create the branch in the next day or so. I just integrated the
latest from 3.1 branch to main, and if the tests pass I will make the
initial integration from //open/mondrian at 13314 to

One question we had, though:  will Hudson be run against the 3.2 branch?
We've come to rely on Hudson as a great source of feedback, both on the
current state of the build and as validation for our own checkins.  We
always make sure we have fully passing tests in our own environment, but
more than once now Hudson has revealed issues we needed to address. 

Yes, Hudson will be run against 3.2. In fact, Aaron Phillips has spent the
last few days improving the Hudson infrastructure so that we can run several
configurations off the same branch (e.g. {mysql, oracle, derby} * {native
enabled/disabled} * {aggregate tables enabled/disabled} * {jdk1.5, jdk
1.6}). We've had a problem that configurations were breaking and no one
noticed for several weeks; Aaron's work should fix this.
3.1 will soon be a 'dead branch' and we will discontinue running hudson. And
of course we will continue to run on 4.0 (main).
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