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Issue Description:

When we use Calculated Member in the MDX Query, Measure data is not displaying.

Dimension Name: Period

Dimension Level details:



Measure Name : Count of Accounts

Following are the XMLA Output

Jan    10
Nov    30
Dec    40

Here Jan belongs to the Year 2008 and Nov,Dec belongs to year 2009.
The issue is Year and quarter is not coming in XMLA Ouput

Schema XML:

 <Dimension name="Period" type="TimeDimension" foreignKey="PERIOD_WID">

                                                <Hierarchy name="Period" hasAll="true" primaryKey="PERIOD_WID" >

                                                                <Table name="PERIOD_DIM_TB"/>

                                                                <Level name="Year" column="current_yr" type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="TimeYears"/>

                                                                <Level name="Quarter" column="current_yr_qtr" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="TimeQuarters"/>

                                                                <Level name="Month" column="monthname" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="TimeMonths"/>



<Dimension name="Branch Hierarchy" foreignKey="REPORTING_SOL_WID">

                                                <Hierarchy name="Branch Hierarchy" hasAll="true" primaryKey="REPORTING_WID">

                                                                <Table name="REPORTING_DIM_VW"/>

                                                                <Level name="Head Office" column="HO_sol_name" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>

                                                                <Level name="Zonal Office" column="ZO_sol_name" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>

                                                                <Level name="Regional Office" column="RO_sol_name" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>

                                                                <Level name="Branch" column="BO_sol_name" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>



                                <Measure name="No Of Accounts" column="no_of_accounts" aggregator="sum" formatString="##,##,###.00"/>

                                <CalculatedMember name="Count of Accounts" dimension="Measures" visible="true">

                                                <Formula>iif([Period.Period].currentMember.level.name = "Year",([Period.Period].currentMember.LastChild.lastchild, [Measures].[No Of Accounts]),iif([Period.Period].currentMember.level.name = "Quarter",([Period.Period].currentMember.LastChild, [Measures].[No Of Accounts]),iif([Period.Period].currentMember.level.name = "Month" ,([Period.Period].currentMember, [Measures].[No Of Accounts] ),([Period.Period].currentMember.LastChild.lastchild.lastchild,  [Measures].[No Of Accounts]))))</Formula>


MDX Query:


SET  [Period_Period_Year_1] AS  '
{  { [Period.Period] }  ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Period.Period].[Year].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Period_Period_Quarter_2] AS  '  { [Period_Period_Year_1] ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Period.Period].[Quarter].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Period_Period_Month_3] AS  '  { [Period_Period_Quarter_2] ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Period.Period].[Month].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Head Office_1] AS  '  {  { [Branch Hierarchy.Branch Hierarchy] }  ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Branch Hierarchy.Branch Hierarchy].[Head Office].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Zonal Office_2] AS  '  { [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Head Office_1] ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Branch Hierarchy.Branch Hierarchy].[Zonal Office].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Regional Office_3] AS  '  { [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Zonal Office_2] ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Branch Hierarchy.Branch Hierarchy].[Regional Office].Members )  )  }  '
SET  [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Branch_4] AS  '  { [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Regional Office_3] ,  HIERARCHIZE  (  AddCalculatedMembers  ( [Branch Hierarchy.Branch Hierarchy].[Branch].Members )  )  }  '      SELECT   NON EMPTY [Period_Period_Month_3] DIMENSION  PROPERTIES  PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME  ON 0 ,  NON EMPTY [Branch Hierarchy_Branch Hierarchy_Branch_4] DIMENSION  PROPERTIES  PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME  ON 1 ,  { [MEASURES].[Count of Accounts] }  ON 2 FROM  [Loan Account Analysis]

Can any one help us to resolve the issue?




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