[Mondrian] html Links in member ; MemberFormatter problem

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Sorry, can't help. You'll have to figure that out.


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OK!, Thanks for answer... 
Can you tell me where is JPivot (WCF) class/method i have to modify?
I am searching for "replace", "escape" ....


2010/2/24 Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com>

There isn't a way that I know of. JPivot is doing the correct thing and
escaping everything safely for HTML to prevent HTML injection.
I suppose you could create a new property, say RAW_HTML. If it is true,
JPivot would output the formatted value without escaping for HTML. No
changes needed to Mondrian code, minor changes to the MDX of your reports,
and some code changes to JPivot.


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Subject: [Mondrian] html Links in member ; MemberFormatter problem

i am using Mondrina with jpivot.

my goal is a member value with a html link (tag <a href="...">).
I try to use 

public class myLevelFormatter implements mondrian.olap.MemberFormatter {
    public String formatMember(mondrian.olap.Member member) {
return "<a href=' ...'> foo...</a>";

It's working BUT the chars "<", ">" are translated in &lt; ...
and the browser does not show a link but a string "<a href=' ...'>

Someone can me help ?
May be there is another way to obtain a table with links ?


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