[Mondrian] html Links in member ; MemberFormatter problem

sergio.ramazzina at serasoft.it sergio.ramazzina at serasoft.it
Wed Feb 24 10:34:07 EST 2010

If your problem is to have a clickable member to take you
somewhere else and you're using jpivot alone (outside
pentaho bi server) you can use the clickable tag. 

You can look at here
http://jpivot.sourceforge.net/tags/jpivot-tags-en.html for
the documentation and in the samples provided with the
product for a practical how-to. No code modification is

Hope this helps.


>i am using Mondrina with jpivot.

>my goal is a member value with a html link (tag <a
>I try to use 

>public class myLevelFormatter implements
mondrian.olap.MemberFormatter {
>    public String formatMember(mondrian.olap.Member member)
>return "<a href=' ...'> foo...</a>";
>    }

>It's working BUT the chars "<", ">" are translated in <
>and the browser does not show a link but a string "<a
href=' ...'>

>Someone can me help ?
>May be there is another way to obtain a table with links ?


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