[Mondrian] Wrong behaviour using NOT EMPTY clause in MDX queries with compound slicers

Sergio Ramazzina sergio.ramazzina at serasoft.it
Mon Feb 22 17:15:25 EST 2010

I get a strange behaviour while making an MDX query on modrian using the 
NOT EMPTY clause together with compound slicers.

The problem is summarized below:

- If I made an MDX query applying the compound slicers functionality but 
without using the NOT EMPTY clause the result given by the system is correct
- as soon as I apply to the same query the NOT EMPTY clause the query 
gives me a different set of rows. The set of rows returned applying the 
NOT EMPTY clause doesn't contains all the rows returned without appying 
it (they are less in number respect to the case without using the NOT 
EMPTY clause).

I opened the following jira case


attaching a sample that can help you in reproducing the problem. Copy 
the attached .analisysview.xaction file under Steel-Wheels, refresh 
repository cache and open the analisys. After you viewed the results 
without the NOT EMPTY clause, press the NOT EMPTY button on the toolbar 
and you'll see a different set of lines as described above.



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