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> Good references, I’ve seen those. SSB is a snowflake model with a single fact table. I’d prefer to be able to test Virtual cubes. I came down on the side of TPC-DS because it seemed more meaty as a data model and there was code to support it, even if it wasn’t finished or actively used as a TPC benchmark.
SSB is based on a modified TPC-H benchmark.  In general, it generates the TPC-H data denormalized.  I'd think that the SSB could easily be extended to make a separate Orders fact (a level above line items) that should zero balance with lineitems but allow for virtual cube testing thru conformed dimensions.

>  >A scalable database generator is essential
> Unfortunately both SSB and TPC-DS use data generators written in C, but we may be able to take on porting that to Java as scope for this semester or a follow on project.
I vaguely recall, but just googled and couldn't find a java based version of TPCH from the OSU OSL lab @ sourceforge.  But, can't find anything on any search so I might be losing some marbles.

LucidDB (and firewater) would LOVE to have a java based version of the SSB generator!  In particular, we'd love to be able to access the generation via straight java because that could allow us to wrap it in Java and load directly from Java into LucidDB without generating/persisting intermediate huge files.

If you're genuinely interested in this, contact me and we can discuss if we can also add some guidance/help for your team.
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