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jeff.s.wright at thomsonreuters.com jeff.s.wright at thomsonreuters.com
Mon Aug 23 11:19:57 EDT 2010

I wanted to describe an idea for creating a Mondrian Performance Test
Harness and see if there was any input from the community. This is more
than "maybe I'll get around to this" - the company I work for has a
relationship with the CS department of a nearby university, and I've
arranged to use this as a senior design project for a student team this


Here's the concept... Because we use Mondrian in a performance sensitive
application (is there some other kind?), I wanted to figure out a way to
have better regression test coverage of performance and throughput. What
I have in mind is:


* A new test database besides FoodMart with a scalable data generator
(able to generate different size databases).

* A Mondrian schema for this database.

* A set of MDX queries that exercise the engine.

* A JMeter test script to send these queries as XMLA requests as a
single or multi-threaded workload.


I was thinking of using TPC-DS (http://www.tpc.org/tpcds/default.asp) as
the database and data generator. I can't tell if this benchmark is still
being worked on, but there's a download with a set of tools. The data
model contains multiple fact tables, so it should be possible to
exercise virtual cubes, which is important to me.


Any questions or suggestions?


--Jeff Wright

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