[Mondrian] Implicit access right for calculated member formulas

Nicholas Goodman ngoodman at bayontechnologies.com
Thu Aug 12 16:22:28 EDT 2010

On Aug 12, 2010, at 11:57 AM, Luc Boudreau wrote:

> Is this the correct behavior, or should calculated members that are part of the core schema (not the query inline ones) give the role an implicit access right? I'm puzzled as to decide if this is a bug or not. It has some obvious security implications. IMO, things are fine as they are, but I thought I'd seek a second opinion.

Here's an opinion: the current implementation is correct; a calculated member should not grant access to everyone implicity.

I'd also hope, but you can verify, that the rollup definition of the Role (rollupPolicy=) is also honored in the Calculated Member?  You'd have to see on a member grant not a level top/bottom grant but that's a very edge use case that may or may not have been tested.


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