[Mondrian] Re: getUniqueNameForMemberWithoutHierarchy

Will Gorman wgorman at pentaho.com
Thu Apr 8 15:31:54 EDT 2010

It looks like the only reason that it is used is to get the correct
parent for new RolapCubeMember objects, if you have a better algorithm
or would just rather not cache the value as a property, go for it.


On Thu, 2010-04-08 at 12:13 -0700, Julian Hyde wrote:
> Will,
> Do you recall why you added the method RolapCubeHierarchy.
> RolapCubeHierarchyMemberReader.
> getUniqueNameForMemberWithoutHierarchy? 
> http://p4webhost.eigenbase.org:8080/@md=d&cd=//open/mondrian/src/main/mondrian/rolap/&cdf=//open/mondrian/src/main/mondrian/rolap/RolapCubeHierarchy.java&sr=10203&c=H9w@//open/mondrian/src/main/mondrian/rolap/RolapCubeHierarchy.java
> It is used to match members retrieved from a SQL query to their
> existing parent members. 
> I'd like to obsolete it because it is using a lot of extra space (a
> string of ~60 characters) per member. There is a benefit that because
> the name is backwards, e.g. [Berkeley][CA][USA][Store], the equals
> method will tend to return 'false' sooner, but I believe that benefit
> is minor because strings are compared by hashcode first. I think that
> the effort of creating a new string, and the space required to store
> that string as one of the properties, would far exceed that benefit.
> Julian

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