[Mondrian] long fetch time using sqlserver

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Sep 30 11:22:34 EDT 2009

It's simply taking SQL Server 4 seconds to generate and return 2,000 rows.
Note that in some queries the work is done at execute time, in others, like
this one, the works gets done at fetch time.
I don't know the particular query. Is it reasonable that the query takes 4
seconds? Can you tune it?


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Hi Everyone, 
We are using mondrian with a Microsoft SqlSever database. We noticed that
the fetch time with large return rows in the log is longer than usual. (exec
281 ms, exec+fetch 3984 ms, 2094 rows). We tested it with cmdrunner with
Mondrian 3.1.2 and 3.0.4, the fetch time is still very long. The driver we
used is jtds-1.2.jar. 
I don't know what would cause it, maybe some setttings in the database or
for the driver? Any ideas for this problem? 
Thank you for the help.

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