[Mondrian] Re: perforce.eigenbase.org unresponsive

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 03:10:08 EST 2009

Update:  I had to kill it sooner rather than later because I determined 
that the machine was just stuck in an OOM-killer loop.

For now I've disabled p42svn incremental replication until I figure out 
how to get  the branch creation changelist pig down the boa 
constrictor's throat.

http://perforce.eigenbase.org/svn is still available, just frozen at 
eigenchange 13199 for the moment.


John V. Sichi wrote:
> I created a new branch, and I think the activity of p42svn replicating 
> all of the files (unfortunately it is not smart about the fact that 
> files are the same across branches the way Perforce is) is killing the 
> machine.  I'm going to let it go for the rest of the night; if it is 
> still bad in the morning, I'll reboot the host and temporarily suspend 
> p42svn until I figure out a solution.

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