[Mondrian] Aggregate tables and column / nameColumn - how is it supposed to work

Pedro Alves pmgalves at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 07:12:32 EST 2009

Hello everyone.

How are aggregate tables supposed to work when we use the nameColumn 

for a level that has <level name="[MyLevel]" column="id" 
nameColumn="desc"... /> I noticed that RolapStar creates 2 different 
entries: MyLevel (2) and MyLevel (Key) (3);

Problem: When the agg tables are created (per PAD suggestion) only the 
mylevelid_Key column is created. This means the AggStar will contain 
dimension (3), but when I create a query like MyLevel.Children it's 
querying for (2); Result: fact table gets hit.

What am I missing?

ps: Should I be using nameColumn at all? What's the difference between 
this as caption?


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