[Mondrian] Olap4J as JNDI datasource and passing Roles

Thomas Morgner mondrian at sherito.org
Mon Nov 9 09:49:13 EST 2009


while working on the role-passing code for the classic
Mondrian connections, I realized that we have no way in
OLAP4J to pass in Mondrian roles.

 From what I heard from the community, Mondrian roles are
not necessarily the roles used in the security system of
(for instance) the Pentaho Platform. In fact, they seem
to be rather arbitrary, come from anywhere and can be anything.

Mondrian connections require us to pass in the roles as
a list of strings in one of the connection properties.

When in OLAP4J mode, Mondrian's connection properties are
configured via the JDBC-Connection-properties. But when
we store a OLAP4J Connection into JNDI, we are no longer
able to access these properties, as JNDI explicitly shields
us from that knowledge. Therefore, we are cut off from
properly configuring the security settings.

Is there an alternative way to pass in Role-information to
OLAP4J Mondrian connections?

Have fun,
said Thomas

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