[Mondrian] Using parameters in Pentaho Report Designer 3.5 -- issue with formulas

Thomas Morgner mondrian at sherito.org
Wed Nov 4 06:09:44 EST 2009

For OLAP4J, we rely on the OLAP4J driver to provide the
parameter functionality. This works great for Mondrian
connections, but does not work at all for XML/A connections,
as the "parameter" function is a Mondrian specific extension.

There seem to be no "global" parameter concept, like JDBC
introduced. I would already be happy if we can declare
that the "Parameter" function is a part of the OLAP4J
core. Drivers for sources with no native parameter-function
would then be able to parse the MDX query and to do the
parametrization on the client side.

This would free me, a poor application programmer, to have
special cases for Mondrian and non-Mondrian parametrization.

And secondly:
To me, he Formula-post-processing is just a patchy solution
to non-user-friendly parameters in Mondrian.

There is the common use-case that you have a single Date as input
and want to map it into a hierarchy, on a query like this

"Select [Time].[year].[qtr].[month].Children on 0"

Replace "year", "month" and "day" with real values and
it works. But I'm unable to trick Mondrian into accepting
three parameters here.

And so far, I cannot even remotely see a way to feed this
case from a single date-parameter.

Any light you (or any other MDX pro) can shed on this case
would be great. Having some more documentation on the
parametrization of MDX queries would be nice too.

Pedro Alves schrieb:
> It's already fixed in CI. Thomas implemented post-execution formulas 
> that can be used exactly for this kind of stuff.
> (that being said, no harm done in having more resources here)
> -pedro
> On 09/11/04 08:22, Julian Hyde wrote:
>> Thomas,
>> Did you see this blog post? And the 'Open' issue that you can't evaluate
>> a parameter?
>> http://diethardsteiner.blogspot.com/2009/11/using-parameters-in-pentaho-report.html 
>> What would you need from olap4j to fix this? Would it help if there were
>> methods to get parameters as well as set them? E.g. a new method
>> OlapPreparedStatement.getObject(int) as a converse to
>> PreparedStatement.setOject(int, Object).
>> If the parameter was not set, then its default value would need to be
>> executed.
>> Feel free to log a feature request if something is missing from mondrian
>> or olap4j.
>> Julian
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