[Mondrian] UDFs and Util.java changelist 9827

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed May 20 03:58:18 EDT 2009

Are you claiming that behavior changed in 9827? It seems to me that a block
of code was moved from GlobalFunTable to Util.createUdf() essentially
I do see that UdfResolver.CalcImpl's constructor gets the class of a UDF and
passes it to Util.createUdf to create another instance of the same UDF. That
seems a bit wasteful - or maybe the author wanted to clone the UDF so that
each instance can use instance variables as workspace - but it's not wrong.
Rushan, can you comment on your change at line 159 of UdfResolver?
UserDefinedFunction's javadoc is explicit about the default constructor:
"The class must have a public, zero-arguments constructor, be on Mondrian's
runtime class-path, and be referenced from the schema file".
Can you explain why you think we need to support UDF constructors that take
a 'String name' parameter?


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We have a few UDFs that were developed against Mondrian 2.3.2.  I recently
attempted to use the schema with these UDFs against Mondrian 3.0 and ran
into this error for the GetExtractDate UDF:


Caused by: mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Failed to load
user-defined function '': class 'mondrian.udf.GetExtractDate' does not
implement the required interface 'mondrian.spi.UserDefinedFunction'

The public constructor for GetExtractDate takes a string argument in order
to get the function name:


    public GetExtractDate(String name){


but the createUdf method of Util  is set up to call a default constructor
that has no argument.  The createUdf method appears to have been added on
2007/08/29 with changelist 9827.  I have gotten past the problem by
overloading createUDF via: 


    public static UserDefinedFunction createUdf(Class<?> udfClass,

                                        String name) {


which includes code borrowed from defineFunction of RolapSchema to call the
UDF with a string argument when applicable.  In addition, I changed the
CalcImpl constructor in UdfResolver to invoke the overloaded createUdf with
the function name:


this.udf = Util.createUdf(udf.getClass(), udf.getName());


Any comments from folks who know the code better than me?


Thanks, Chuck


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