[Mondrian] Mondrian Tracker Moving to JIRA

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Mar 26 04:21:45 EDT 2009

> Does this mean the next step will be a move from p4 to svn ? >:)

My first priority is to provide the kind of developer infrastructure found
in other open source projects, and I think we're getting there. We now have:
nightly builds (hudson), published code coverage numbers (coberatura),
regression testing on each check in (hudson), and a system for managing
library interdependencies (ivy).

I am pushing for some more regression testing. It currently just tests JDK
1.5 on MySQL - it would be nice if it tested one or two other JDK versions,
on one or two other databases, and with some common variations of options,
such as with/without aggregate tables or with/without native SQL.

And I need to figure out a strategy for maintaining mondrian's
documentation. Some people have asked to move mondrian's doc to the wiki;
that will obviously make it easier for people to contribute, but I also
don't want to let developers off the hook: I still want to require
developers to update doc at the same time that they implement a feature.

After all of that is working, we can take another look at migrating the
source control system. Which after all, already works, and you know what
they say about stuff that already works.


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