[Mondrian] Request regarding build.xml file

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Mar 19 01:58:30 EDT 2009

Better suggestion: When you modify a file, check it out for edit ('p4 edit
filename'). When you sync, it will not overwrite your edits. Do 'p4 resolve'
to merge in your edits.
Note that you don't need write access to do p4 edit - only to submit files.
You could either modify mondrian.properties or, if those changes are so
extensive that they are not likely to be mergeable, you could add that line
to include site.properties into build.xml.


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Hi all..

I have a simple request regarding the inclusion of a new source for property
values in the build.xml file for the mondrian.

If the build file also references a 'site.properties' file before the
mondrian.properties reference, then "site local" mondrian properties can be
set before the default mondrian properties.

I have this going at the moment, but I lose my config every time I resync
the code against the repo...

  <property file="${project.location}/build.properties"/>

  <property file="${project.location}/site.properties"/>

  <property file="${project.location}/mondrian.properties"/>

In my case, I set the following in my site.properties file, and this makes
keeping in sync a lot easier...

junit.jvmargs=-ea -esa -Xmx1g







This simple change would make running test cases and so on a little easier
for me. It has no compatibility issues because there will be no impact
unless the site.properties file is present.




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