[Mondrian] SteelWheels data set

Sherman Wood swood at jaspersoft.com
Wed Mar 18 13:09:47 EDT 2009

There is a load-foodmart target in the build script now checked in. It will 
be there in the next release.


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I don't know if anyone would find this (attached) script useful; I've loaded 
FoodMart enough times to want to script the process.  I used this (bash) 
script just a month or so ago, so it is ivy-aware.  The idea is you can run 
this script from a clean Mondrian distribution and load foodmart in one 
step.  Perhaps it could be generalized to load other schemas amoung other 
I have the script living in <mondrian-install>/bin, e.g. 
/opt/mondrian3.0/bin in my environment.

On Tue, 2009-03-17 at 16:54 -0700, Julian Hyde wrote:

I have added Mondrian's SteelWheels data set and a test case that uses it. 
SteelWheels is a smaller data set than FoodMart, and will be familiar to 
many of you as the data set installed when Mondrian is part of the Pentaho 

We've always asked for bug testcases to be in terms of the FoodMart data 
set. From now on, we will be accepting test cases on SteelWheels too.

To write a test case, add a method to SteelWheelsTestCase.java, and 
copy-paste one of the existing tests.

For details on how to install the data set, see 
Currently there is a only a loader for MySQL. But I know you're an ingenious 
bunch, who will figure out how to load it into other databases...


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