[Mondrian] RE: SF.net SVN: olap4j:[148] trunk/src/org/olap4j

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Mar 5 13:58:33 EST 2009

> Luc wrote:
> Revision: 148
>           http://olap4j.svn.sourceforge.net/olap4j/?rev=148&view=rev
> Author:   lucboudreau
> Date:     2009-03-05 18:21:16 +0000 (Thu, 05 Mar 2009)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> Made the Axis enumeration serializable and all the components 
> of the org.olap4j.mdx package too, thus allowing their use 
> through RPC.
> Modified Paths:
> --------------
>     trunk/src/org/olap4j/Axis.java
>     trunk/src/org/olap4j/mdx/IdentifierNode.java
>     trunk/src/org/olap4j/mdx/ParseRegion.java
>     trunk/src/org/olap4j/mdx/ParseTreeNode.java

Sorry I didn't reply to your question about serialization. I don't know
whether serializing the MDX model is the right architecture for PAT - I just
don't know what the right architecture is - but making the classes
serializable seems fairly harmless.

One concern is that we are preventing people from subclassing the MDX model
classes and adding non-serializable members. This may become important in
the future. I reserve the right to make the classes un-serializable.

I ran checkFile. You introduced couple of exceptions, and there were a few
there already from one of Will's changes. Can you fix please.

./src/org/olap4j/mdx/IdentifierNode.java: 316: { must be preceded by space
or at start of line
./src/org/olap4j/mdx/ParseRegion.java: 37: { must be preceded by space or at
start of line
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1488: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1489: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1490: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1491: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1492: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1493: Tab character
./testsrc/org/olap4j/ConnectionTest.java: 1495: Tab character 


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