[Mondrian] Re: Performance degradation

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 09:13:07 EST 2009

Matt Campbell wrote:
> I've been trying to isolate when this issue was introduced, but am 
> struggling a bit with perforce.  I'm trying to sync to a changelist 
> using something like:
> p4 sync //open/mondrian/... at 10480
> This brings in the set of files from that changelist, but does not 
> appear to delete files from future changelists.  
> What is the correct way to sync to a changelist?

That is the correct command.  It will delete files from future 
changelists, but it will not delete empty directories unless you have 
the rmdir option set in your client (the default is normdir).

(Also, use p4 opened to make sure you don't have any files checked out 
before starting.)


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