[Mondrian] CustomizedParserTest and writeback

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Jun 11 07:15:00 EDT 2009

I am about to check in (in the next couple of days) an experimental
implementation of cell writeback. As part of this change, I had to change
the behavior of the validator slightly, and it broke CustomizedParserTest
until I extended the validator API to allow  you to ask for the old
behavior.  I presume you have a custom parser (since you went to the effort
of creating CustomizedParserTest) so you may need to change this customized
parser also.
Previously a validator would resolve a function to a function definition
(resolving among overloaded forms based on arg types, for instance) every
time it passed over the tree. Now the default behavior is to resolve it the
first time (when an UnresolvedFunCall becomes a ResolvedFunCall) but to use
the existing FunDef when validating a ResolvedFunCall.
I added a method 'boolean Validator.alwaysResolveFunDef()', which is false
by default, but I provide a factory method so that CustomizedParserTest can
have it return true. Your custom parser should probably do the same.
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