[Mondrian] MDX Expression like <Member> <Op> <String> failed

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Jun 4 06:53:42 EDT 2009

OK, you should be able to cast a member to a string. It should evaluate the
member (which will yield a cell value, usually numeric, depending on the
current measure) and convert that to string.

Can you log a jira case with a testcase from foodmart, for example,

with member [Measures].[Foo] as left(cast([Measures].[Unit Sales] as
String), 3)

should do something sensible.


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> <String> failed
> To solve my problem, I can use Cast() instead of code modification.
> Because with this modification Case still dont work.
> 		case Cast([Measures].[M:Revenue ABC] as String)
> 			when 'A' then '|0.00%|color="#CC0000"'
> 			when 'B' then '|0.00%|color="#0066CC"'
> 			when 'C' then '|0.00%|color="#009900"'
> 			else '"-"'
> 			end
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