[Mondrian] Heavy SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren evaluation

Pedro Alves pedro at neraka.no-ip.org
Tue Jun 2 15:00:19 EDT 2009

Hello again.

While implementing agg tables in my dashboards and trying to make this
over 5 billion rows queries light speed, I stumbled upon a very weird thing

Mondrian is doing the following query:

    2009-06-02 19:49:50,649 DEBUG [mondrian.rolap.RolapUtil]
    SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren: done executing sql [select 
        "blocklist_requests_by_day"."gecko_version" as "c0"
        "blocklist_requests_by_day" as "blocklist_requests_by_day"
    group by 
    order by 
        "blocklist_requests_by_day"."gecko_version" ASC
    ], exec+fetch 21993 ms, 425 rows

This is a degenerated dimension, so it's kind'a expected; but the thing is
that I'm not using this dimension in *any* query I'm doing.

Any idea why mondrian is doing this?


Pedro Alves

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