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I don't think it makes sense to allow the same hierarchy on two different
axes. What does make sense is what AS2005 does. They have 'attribute
hierarchies' which look a lot like levels except they can be used
independently. But you still have old-fashioned hierarchies with multiple
levels. And typically, an attribute that is used as a level would also have
its own attribute hierarchy.
E.g. the customer dimension might have a customer hierarchy, a state
attribute hierarchy, a city attribute hierarchy, and a gender attribute
hierarchy. You can have customer hierarchy on one axis, and state on
another. But you can't have the customer hierarchy on two different axes.
Hope that makes sense. If anyone has a good reference to attribute
hierarchies, please share it. 'MDX Solutions', by Spofford et al., explains
it well, but I can't hyperlink a book sitting on my desk. :)
PS Sorry to hear about your motherboard.


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Sorry to reply to you directly; I was replying to the ML when my server's
motherboard crashed, and now I have a nasty problem to solve. I will when I
get it back, but wanted to reply to you since you told you might do some
work on that issue

You said that it will give error if members from the same hierarchy are used
in different axis. Can this NOT happen?
Better than explain, I'll show you why it's important for me:

I attached 3 pictures of the designer I'm working in. I would like users to
make the combinations they want. In that example, the user defined 2
selectors, one for the year and another for the market; Now he wants to do 2
charts - clients and countries (countries are in the same dimension as
markets, just a different level).

It would make my job much easier if I could just abstract what's displayed
from what's being filtered; output.png shows the final result, of course,
reflects a mondrian exception related to the same hierarchy being in 2 axis.

IMHO it should be up to the users the responsibility to make sure he doesn't
use weird combinations (like select [Countries].[Portugal] on 0,
[Countries].[USA] on 1)



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