[Mondrian] VFS issue

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Jul 17 14:25:18 EDT 2009

Has anyone done a google search for the issue you are experiencing? Is there
a newer version of VFS that might fix the problem?
Will, what was the other technology you used?
I'm OK with switching technology as long as it doesn't break existing apps.


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Awhile back we discovered that Util.readVirtualFile() can throw exceptions
when large numbers of requests for an HTTP resource happen.  Awhile back I
added a call to file.close() at the end of that method, which had seemed to
make things a bit better in testing.  I'm still seeing socketConnect
exceptions when requesting more than a few hundred http requests.  In
practice this can happen when we have as few as 15 concurrent users running

There appears to be no such problem with the pre-VFS  method that Mondrian
used for loading a URL.  I created a Unit test which loads 100,000 pages via
the old Util.readURL method.  That runs fine with no exceptions.  The VFS
method fails with fewer than 1000 requests.

Would anyone object to reverting back to the old Util.readURL for http
requests?  Alternatively, I think Will Gorman said at one point that they
abandoned VFS for other Pentaho projects in favor of some other
library--would that be worth considering for Mondrian?

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