[Mondrian] RE: Mondrian question

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Feb 25 12:56:02 EST 2009

The was a bad version of olap4j- in ivy for about 24 hours.
Flush your ivy cache and try again.

The head version of mondrian does not work against jpivot currently, because
of the Axis issue you mention. Will is going to recompile jpivot and
republish jpivot.war. 

Until then, I suggest that you sync mondrian at some point before 12395.
E.g. p4 sync //open/mondrian/... at 12394.

Sorry you are running into issues building mondrian. I'm not going to get
into the build business, but you might try picking up builds from Pentaho's
hudson server: http://ci.pentaho.com/job/mondrian/625/

Please send further questions to the mondrian at pentaho.org list.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mathias Bogaert [mailto:m.bogaert at memenco.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 6:35 AM
> To: julian.hyde at sqlstream.com
> Subject: Mondrian question
> Hi Julian,
> First, congrats with the new sun!
> I'm contacting you since I'm trying to build mondrian out of Perforce,
> since I ran into a nullpointer using Olap4J 0.9.6, switched to
>, but this causes Mondrian 3.0.4 to fail due to Axis changed
> to an interface. So I decided to build Mondrian from source, but the
> build keeps on failing (Ivy stuff). Therefore I'm mailing you to ask
> if you could send me the latest Mondrian JAR including the Eigenbase
> and other jars needed to run it. Would help me a lot, thanks!
> Regards,
> Mathias

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