[Mondrian] Question about the hasAll in Dimension

Alston Wong mk_wong at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 24 16:30:44 EST 2009

Hi All,

I am new to mondrian. I just have a simple question that how to set
HasAll=false temporary assume that all the dimension hasAll="true" but i
don't want to have [All] in the result for the specific mdx request.

Following is the MDX i would like to run:


{[Measures]. [Units Shipped]} ON COLUMNS,

TopCount (

  Generate ( [Warehouse].[City].Members,

   TopCount ( CrossJoin ({ [Warehouse].CurrentMember},

     [Product].[Product Name].Members

     ), 7, [Measures].[Units Shipped]


  ), 7, [Measures].[Units Shipped]


FROM Warehouse

Since all my dimension hasAll="true", so this top 7 will included all the
subrequest [All] on the sublevel and the number of [All] will be depended on
how may city i have.

Is there any way to hasAll or filter out all the [All] members result?

Thank you,

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