[Mondrian] Re: Regression tests MonetDB

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Feb 23 21:07:13 EST 2009

Julian Hyde wrote:
> Yes, mondrian generates sum and count in the order by clause for mdx 
> queries that involve topcount over a measure. The code that does this is 
> in RolapNativeTopCount.
> I can see that not all SQL engines would support this, so we could add 
> 'boolean supportsOrderByAggregate()' if necessary.
> Looks like LucidDB already supports it, John. :)

I think that would seriously decrease the amount of failed tests. Though 
I think this is a feature that needs to go in anyway. Mondrian is not 
the only project using it ;)

What about the other test. Especially the upper on a number comparing it 
to a list of countries?


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