[Mondrian] Re: Regression tests MonetDB

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 20:38:15 EST 2009

Oh, I see...the TopCount function is generating this.

Yes, E121-03 (Value expressions in ORDER BY clause) is the relevant feature.

The <order by> scoping rules are subtle because of this feature; you can 
find them in SQL:2003 Part 2, Section 14.1 <declare cursor>.  We think 
we have them correctly implemented in the Eigenbase validator.


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> John V. Sichi wrote:
>> Stefan de Konink wrote:
>>> Maybe you are better than google, but do you by any chance know where 
>>> we can find the syntax requirement for the following:
>>> select "store"."store_country" as "c0", "store"."store_state" as 
>>> "c1", "store"."store_city" as "c2" from "store" as "store", 
>>> "sales_fact_1997" as "sales_fact_1997", "time_by_day" as 
>>> "time_by_day" where "sales_fact_1997"."store_id" = "store"."store_id" 
>>> and "sales_fact_1997"."time_id" = "time_by_day"."time_id" and 
>>> "time_by_day"."the_year" = 1997 group by "store"."store_country", 
>>> "store"."store_state", "store"."store_city" order by
>>> count("sales_fact_1997"."product_id") DESC,
>>> "store"."store_country" ASC, "store....
>>> It is the count part in the order by section.
>> I've never seen Mondrian generate an agg call inside the ORDER 
>> BY...what MDX and schema did you use to make it do that?
> 5) queryTest_29ce2f3512f79d38_TOPCOUNT.xml

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