[Mondrian] RE: Compilation

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Sun Feb 15 17:55:24 EST 2009

Ant sounds ok, but that's not the right version of javacup. We use our own
modified version of javacup 10k. I guess the ant integration has changed in

I know you had some difficulty pulling the source from perforce, but it's
worth trying again. The latest source code uses ivy to get all of the
dependencies, including javacup.

Since mondrian 3.0.4 we've improved the model for plugging in custom
dialects. You can now drop in a MonetDB dialect without having to recompile
mondrian source code.

Also worth noting that mondrian release 3.1 is coming out in the next week.

Sorry you're having trouble. It's worth the effort running the test suite.
If the MonetDB/Mondrian combination can pass that, it can pass almost

I can try running the suite against MonetDB too. If you have a binary with
your patches, let me know. I can run 32 bit linux or windows.


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> Julian Hyde wrote:
> > What ant version are you using?
> Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on November 30 2008
> When I unmerged (Gentoo) javacup-0.11a_beta20060608; i was able to 
> build. I think the classpath should be fixed in order to 
> prevent this stuff.
> We do not pass the testbench yet. But I can already say we love it :)
> Stefan

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